Social Perks At Skool

Recently had the interesting exercise of refreshing my company’s IT Use Policy, which I’m confident will make me quite the raconteur at parties from now on.

This is the kind of catch all schenanigans that one signs as part of the contract pact when joining a company, though shalt abide etc. But it is important as a broad catch all to dodgy activity.

But how does one define dodgy or kosher activities?

In addition to the broad IT Use Policy – generally “principals of IT Usage” – i.e. stuff IT can’t enforce and control, we also have an “IT Controls Policy” – stuff we can enforce – USB lockdowns, Admin rights lockdown etc. etc.

I put together a proposal for this detail to the Exec around this, expecting an instant ratification. Who wants to read some fine print from the IT guy?

Surprised the Cheeses concerned went through said policies with a fine toothed comb, and surprised but understanding that they suggested site blocking by our proxy server be relaxed big time to give all staff access to social media and email sites. On speaking to revenue-earning staff in most of our offices, I’d previously allowed access to the skool networking site LinkedIN, as a valuable professional networking tool, both with peers and clients. Was this a step too far?

Thinking about this, I’m confident that this will work for us. The majority of our revenue-earning business is from commission based wealth generators – any time they’re not mucking around on MySpace is opportunity cost for paying for the yacht, and my modest salary.

We are also not a behemoth of an organisation – line management can monitor and enforce “reasonable personal use” on salaried operational staff to make this work. Presuming said line management isn’t spending years on Facebook (or blogs for that matter! ;o)  ) themselves.

Main driver behind this is that for an organisation of our scale, it will work for us, we’re all grown ups, and we’ll treat it as a differentiator and staff perk, giving some trust and empowerment to the employees.

Utopian dream? Naive management? We’ll see…

I personally am voluntarily requesting a professional intervention by my IT guys by specifically not allowing me access to these sites. I’ll get my fix at home, man.

Worst case scenario!


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