Social Convergence

That’s it. I’m bloody leaving Twitter. Seriously, am I missing something? It’s the lack of convergence.

I’ve two Twitter accounts, a professional account, updates on this page on the right. This is a public account (anyone can follow, and read status updates) whereby I also follow remotely interesting business luminaries. My updates are of a professional nature, with flow-through to my LinkedIN status (although this seems a bit shonky to me).

That’s all good.

Private use. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve unblocked access to all social media/personal email accounts across my organisation (except for me!). Why except for me? Because I’m bloody addicted.

I use Facebook like a diary. I used to keep a paper diary (how quaint!) for many years, and have this stored in an attic somewhere in a property back in Scotland, for one of my tenants to come across and bribe me big time with. It’s a silly wee autobiographical document that I can giggle and drool along to in my twilight years.

I’ve found a plug-in for Firefox that downloads and archives your Facebook pages, which you can punt to DVD (or cloud probably for posterity for eternity). Again same principle, autobiographical record to keep myself occupied in the nursing home, and pass on to my gen-y*2 grandchildren to load up on their Quantum qPads  to nano-search and graph all the rude words that Grandpa used.

I don’t really say what I mean in any depth on Facebook though, plus I’ve got my security locked down big time.

There are friends and “friends”. I’m only friends with people I’ve at least met, and with, for example, past business colleagues I’ve socialised with (weekday beers, never family) the golden Limited Profile comes into play, excluding everything other than status updates. And of course not on the public timeline. And as mentioned my status updates are … not quite what I’d write in a personal diary. For the really juicy stuff, cryptic status updates designed more as prompters for myself to try and remember what was really going on whilst reclining in the DunLiving Rest Home.

Despite all these measures I’m sure I’ve missed something, which is the inevitable. I shan’t be going into politics then.

But it’s addictive. And timeconsuming. Despite linking my personal Twitter account (of course there’s two) to my Facebook status updates, you then have to monitor your Twitter account. And respond to responses there too. I really really don’t have the time or the effort to go with two different social media streams of consciousness… I’ve got MySpace, Friendster, Bebo etc. etc. all pointing to my Facebook account for convergence (which is the bigtime selling point for smart devices such as my beloved iPhone – why would anyone by an iTouch/iPod nowadays?).

I am no longer a private twat.


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