At Bloomberg this morning for a briefing with Apple execs for their global roadshow launching the new Bloomberg Anywhere iPad application.

This has the usual groovy native-developed graphics, stock watches etc. etc. taking advantage of the design feature in the touchpad device.

BUT THERE’S MORE – a biocard-protected Bloomberg Anywhere Citrix session on the iPad giving you the actual terminal right there on your iPad.


I find it amazing that in this day and age, we still have extremely expensive Bloomberg Terminals (note the decades old “terminal”) sitting on desktops in financial institutions everywhere linked by dedicated lines with strong redundancy, top level security…. and a green-screen GUI that must be 35 years old!!!!!  (alright, there’s some colour now in the fixed-width fonts, but come on!)

The irony was not lost on the Apple dudes. Once everyone had shuffled out the door I stayed back and had a wee chat, and they were somewhat more open on their opinions on having such a cool device as the iPad looking through a Citrix window to a shitty GUI, and wished Bloomberg had developed more natively rather than the “quick and dirty” solution.

I had a wee chat about the evolution of Apple Enterprise. In 2001, whilst working in San Francisco, I popped down to Infinite Loop and met with the Head of Apple Enterprise at the time to have a wee chat about what Apple could offer financial institutions.

Net result at that time was, short of a few reliable RAID servers, really bugger all. Expensive hardware, compatability issues with Windows, lack of natively written Financial applications, platform independent Java still in it’s infancy were all non-infrastructure management related no-no’s to knocking out some cool silver shit to the skyscrapers.

A decade later all changed (I REFUSE to say “the game has changed” – yeuch!).  Consumerisation fuels demand for the corporate to enable the cool device (as I did with Activesync, a wee step last year). Further progress with Execs buying cool shiny stuff and saying “ok IT guy, make this work better with my X application, how much?” is further driving Apple Enterprise across all businesses.

Enterprise fleet management is greatly improving ITIL stuff looking after mobile hardware, now treated as any other device accessing the Enterprise. Larger companies are getting in-house Apple Dev teams and business is booming…

Long may it continue! Perhaps Bloomberg might like to release a new version incorporating such innovative stuff as Raster Graphics? 😉


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