Have Apple missed the point with the new iPad3?

The demise of the tablet for content producing business users is nigh. As most business users do. And Apple knows this.

It’s like the disparaging retorts to the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads from Apple, referring to the parodies, being all very well to podcast etc. but in the real world that creates wealth and gives people jobs, grown ups actually do need to work spreadsheets every once in a while. The same logic applies to content producing business people, except it’s not a jab at OSX specifically, more the tablet format.

CFO’s everywhere have been persuaded to invest in a fleet of shiny new tablets to keep the employees happy, and impress the customer. A whole new industry has popped up in tablet security, and tablet accessories. Accessories being essentially Bluetooth keyboards and mice, embedded into a case designed as sleekly as the tablet, neatly doubling the size of the package.

And what of industry-specific business apps? Are the vendors, usually with a captive market, really going to invest in completely redesigning the application for a specific tablet OS? For redesign, read “greatly reduced functionality” if the app is natively written at all. The costs of a) converting the app to a number of tablet OS’s, changing the entire way the app operates with a fat-fingered touch screen GUI and limited screen space and b) then maintaining that new code base for a specific market segment of customers who are usually captive anyway, just doesn’t make economic sense.

However, Apple knows the format needs re-inventing for those native business apps that do exist, and is trailblazing as usual with the incorporation of Siri#2, “Dicatation”, into the iPad3.

In an effort to maintain said sleekness, are a nation of commuters and “serious” business people really going to be dictating instructions or emails on public transport/airport lounges/planes to a virtual assistant? With the equivalent of “Damn you autocorrect” in speech interpretation? Apart from the annoyance to fellow public-space users, is it human nature to announce to the world exactly what grubby little things you are up to on your shiny tablet as you angle your screen away from the rest of the world?

Having said that, sending a written message to a large group of people instantly seemed a bit much when email first came out. Then writing your thoughts on a public forum for anyone who cared to sidle along to view them also seemed strange in the early days of Facebook. Maybe talking to yourself with a large tablet shoved down the seat of your trousers might be the new norm. With limited functionality.

Reckon now might be the time to push that next wave of ultra-slim and very shiny laptops ….. with some sort of compelling gimmicky upgrade to please the influential shiny types…


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