The other guy

Argh! Will people stop confusing me with the chief economics editor of the Australian Financial Review who shares the same name as me! Another random email today…

Years ago, whilst working for a fund manager, I was on a conference call with the US, and a new senior equities researcher who had just joined the firm came into my office and sat quietly waiting whilst I finished the call.

He earnestly shook my hand and told me that he just wanted to say that he highly respected my work and that he looked forward to collaborating with me on his latest research ideas. When I pointed out that I could knock up an enterprise trading system for him quicker than I could determine an economic indicator in a valuation model, he left the IT guy like a rat out of trap!

So this is the other Alan Mitchell, considerably older than me as my MBA economics lecturer pointed out, much to his amusement (Prof. Tom Valentine is a good friend of “the other guy”). Besides, I wouldn’t dress as informally as the laddie. You can find Big Al’s Australian Financial Review editorial here, which will be infinitely more entertaining than my scribblings … but probably not as accurate! 😉


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