#iOS7 and The Amber Gambler

Having refused to upgrade my iPhone4 to a newer model I was waiting with baited breath for iOS7… which arrived this morning in Australia and was promptly downloaded to my puny A4-chipped hardware.

I was an amber gambler. I had a meeting in the city this morning and arrived early, ensconcing myself in a café and pillaging their wi-fi to download and install the update. One install brainfart and the phone is out and that important meeting location update to the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb instead is missed…


… but wasn’t to be … all good! Surprisingly quick and smooth install for such a major update on such an enfeebled and emaciated bottom-spec chip. An amber gambler also for the reported issues that may accompany a major upgrade to a low spec device. We’ll see how that goes…

First impressions

First impressions are that this is an awesome update, doing exactly what it says on the tin. I think that the features in iPhone 5+ unavailable on the puny 4 are gimmicky and vastly over-rated (see below). I’d avoided the Beta versions released in the previous months, preferring to wait to hit up the gold disk today.

So what do we have?


Great sharp look across the whole user interface. Über sharp font. I was reminded what a massive upgrade the iPhone4 Retina display was having looked at a 3GS the other day. The new clear font really does the sharp display justice.

moleeeeeRegarding icons and new Apple app UX; finally a move from skeuomorphism back to crisp flat icons. Except the Contacts icon which is uninspired and bloody awful. Why does this bother me? A mate pointed it out this morning. It’s like the mole in Austin Powers. I can’t stop looking at it. I digress.


ios7.controlcenterBIG step forwards here. Search Bar available from a quick downward swipe in the middle of the screen. New Control Centre  from a swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Finally – in the control centre amongst other settings you can switch on BlueTooth in one touch from here – very handy quick fix if you’re in the car and forgot to pop in on.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 7.47.14 PMOne area they’ve got right is the multi-tasking. Great switching between apps in a carousel display, with a simple swipe up to remove an app from the carousel and close it. Actually useful in another sense in that the carousel view is dynamic – so when switching between apps and passing the email app on the carousel you can quickly check the top email to see if worth opening the app or not (couldn’t find a screenshot of this, but you get the idea).

Multi-page folders – very handy … if you’ve got a load of legacy apps on your phone you can’t quite bring yourself to delete but might use one day … chuck them all in one big themed folder rather than a few numbered ones.


Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 7.44.09 PMAlso loving the new vertical tab carousel in Safari with a quick slide to the left to close a tab. I see they’ve brought the private browsing option to the fore in Safari now for those “colourful” websites accessed via the Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 7.52.04 PMcompany phone.

Calendar – not so much. Looks crisp but a lot of screen real estate is wasted with the week band at the top of the screen with it’s iOS7 wider spacing. Now you could argue that I should break the cobwebs on the Scottish sporran and invest in a 5+ with more screen real estate but who am I to break stereotype here?

Thrifty ScotiTunes looks great – back to earlier more usable versions of iTunes. Loving the tiled album browser view. Everything’s a lot more … image-intensive. From the animated equaliser graphic for currently playing track to the band album cover displayed on virtually every playlist.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 8.00.59 PMPhone – loving the contact images displayed everywhere continuing with the “more graphical” theme.  Fuctionality-wise, when the phone is locked and you receive an incoming call you can choose to ignore and remind yourself of the call an hour or so later, or send a text message back from a number of pre-stored messages such as “on my way”, “ring you back”. Great wee feature.

Very simply … I also like the well-spaced circular number buttons on the dialing screen of the phone app too! It’s the little things…. so I forgive Jonathan Ives on one of his pretentious white-backgrounded HD rants. Had a bit of a transformation himself that lad.


What don’t we have in iPhone4 version of iOS7?

  • Airdrop file sharing – meh
  • Siriproblems with Scottish accents anyway as mentioned previously
  • 3D Flyover/Turn by Turn map navagation – meh
  • Live camera filters – major meh – use Instagram or apply in camera app after snap
  • Airplay Mirroring – more meh

As to the the cosmetic…

Missing the “look at my phone, look at my phone!” features that any half-decent Samsung is going to slap down big time anyway.

So on the iPhone4 no…

  • parallax tilt effect – meh
  • live wallpapers – in a word crap. I remember about 2 years ago being blown away by a Samsung Galaxy’s breaking waves on the seaside wallpaper never mind a few wee bubbles bouncing about.
  • Translucent effect throughout OS – granted this would pretty it up a bit and reinforce the feel of the “layers” design but again a “meh” that doesn’t justify the outlay. The iPhone4 step-change GUI improvement is good enough.


I have a concern over speed with iOS7 on iPhone4. There’s a lot more animation from the the unlock “icons bouncing to middle of screen”, multi-tasking, app selection “genie” opening … and app opening seems to take longer on iOS7 now.

The control panel crashed on me twice in half an hour. This is a bit of a “watch this space”.

So in all….

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 7.54.09 PMAs I began – an awesome update! Loving the new GUI right down to the circular phone dialing buttons (it’s a phone too now I think about it 😉  ).

Everything feels fresher and more cleanly designed. The phone itself feels a hell of a lot more usable with the main apps and settings features a lot slicker and much more speedily accessable.

A big thumbs up Apple! Now …. let’s surprise the market Bernanke-style and knock out the iPhone6 Glasses next week….


2 thoughts on “#iOS7 and The Amber Gambler

  1. hey dude, I’m disappointed there’s no cursor controls still on the keyboard – one nice thing with Android is being able to use up down, left right arrows to move the cursor. it’s annoying that Apple insists that touching the screen is the way to go – annoying to go back on a very long line,which has scrolled off the screen etc.

    hope all is well.


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