#apple #iwatch It’s staying off…

About six weeks ago I opened a drawer and felt a twinge of nostalgia. Sitting there neglected was my 15 year old small b bling Tag Kirium; a chunky mix of (scratched to hell) steely bracelet, big sapphire case and maroon face. It made my oblong chunky black Apple Watch look like a cheap trinket by comparison.


I suppose the Apple Watch does auto-set the correct date….

After a year or so daily use of my Apple Watch I thought – let’s see if I miss it.

Six weeks later.. nup.

Having defended the lack of use cases from Theo Priestley and sung praises where possible I revisited what I use the damn thing for..

The good…

  • Never miss a call, text, email, calendar reminder – vibrates on your wrist; this was useful as my phone always on silent (no-one wants to hear a selection of ZX Spectrum 8-bit sounds from the 1980’s – Atic Atac anyone? – and the squeaky baud signal cassette tape loading noise for a ring)
  • Quick replies to messages on the wrist – “OK”
  • Fitness App (Outdoor) – Pretty good for running, checking your progress – like the addition of the vibrate on each km in a recent update. Lack of GPS a pain unless you take your phone.
  • Music on the watch whilst running – with a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Pain carrying the phone so sacrificing GPS tracking for 2Gb of pre-loaded (very slowly!) music to keep you going for the dull monotony that is pavement pounding. Essential.

The stuff used at first, then meh…

  • Fitness App (Gym) – bit of a routine – set OPEN GOAL and run, workout before you go… I used to check out exercise time, heart rate etc. in the gym but it’s since more of a chore / habit / data gathering exercise for some future use case.
  • Travel App – telling me next public transport times… navigation such a pain, and has to be set up on the phone anyway, that you might as well do it on your phone..!
  • TripAdvisor – might as well on the phone..
  • The Time to Stand Up … stand up desk anyway…
  • The Goals tracker … meh…

The bad…

  • Phone calls on the wrist – once – really? Dick Tracey with emphasis on the first name.
  • The awful app navigation – app bubbles; useless
  • The “friends with iWatch” circle thingme and scribbles – never used
  • Performance – incredible slow opening apps

I think it’s just a case of … you’ve got a big screen phone right there close to the device anyway … so what’s actually useful on a small touch sensitive screen right  now… ?

So… no plans to return to the watch right now.

However – just by chance of my period of abstention was Apple WWDC with the announcement of watchOS 3.0 which should address some of my gripes…. but still not basic aesthetics and .. what you gonna do with it?


Nevertheless – I shall give watchOS3.0 a bash come September and may order some dodgy knock-off mid-size b bling bracelet off eBay. Hot.Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 12.41.51 PM

What I’d like to see on the next watch…?

  • Better aesthetic styling! (chunky gold for you sir?)
  • Thinner
  • Faster
  • GPS – run tracking sans phone
  • Camera – snap sans phone whilst out running (with preview, usable whilst phone physically off the wrist without locking – prob re-use the inevitable FaceTime cam built into the face rather than a cam on the edge or strap as per first old Samsung Gear model)

But regardless… I may still be a meh  I don’t know …. I think I’d rather spend my spoondooleys on the Apple iPad/Macbook hybrid when (IF) it comes out…

Anyhow – I stand 600 bucks worth of corrected – the watch hasn’t found it’s niche yet.



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