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1980 – 1K of RAM ! Sinclair #ZX81

A friend of mine was having an Australian Spring clean in Scotland yesterday and found this little gem at the back of a cupboard.


The original Sinclair ZX81 circa. 1980 – with a whopping 1K of RAM, with a HUGE 16K RAM expansion pack on the back (that kept moving and crashing the machine mid- BASIC program entry pushing the dodgy touchpad keys hard for input).

Nostalgia. I learned to code on the next up model, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum (image on the header of this blog).

Retro Computing

Some cool pics of retro computing gear at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. It feels weird to see this stuff behind a glass case in a museum…. !

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The Beginning and The Inner Geek

Yie Ar Kung Fu’s awesome-ish Sydney rendering on the ZX Spectrum – now here I am!

Beginnings beginnings. Well, to test out this WordPress doofer I shall reach waaaaaaaaay back to December 1983 to Edinburgh, Scotland on a chill Christmas morning.

A rectangular present is seized from beneath the Safeway’s Christmas tree, already shedding pines left right and centre. The parcel is gingerly unwrapped revealing the beautiful form of my rubber-keyed Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Spectrum begat BASIC begat Computer Science degree begat Developer begat Team Lead begat etc. etc. 2010 Sydney.

Pretty tragic geekdom. Now did that work?