Just had a call from a Board Member asking about a corporate iP<insert device here> application.

I’m about to put in place some new policies to enable implementation of Activesync & Outlook Web Access, and hence able to connect “cool sh*t” to the corporate network. The corporate grapevine is clearly alive and well, and like MacRumors or The Smoking Gun, the news has clearly been leaked to the scavenging besuited office wolves.

 The fish kettle and worm can are fully opened at this stage.

Let me sell you an app...

Now, the argument for the prevalence of new mobile technologies and the new business trend of “bring your own”, with associated service difficulties, opens up whole new areas of, quite frankly, IT pain.

With influential dabblers scratching the surface of possibility, where do you stop? iPhone app, screen-optimised iPad app, Android app, Windows 7 mobile app? Sod it, touchscreen designed HTML7/Flash Gordon/Web5.0 thought controlled iMind app?

Who writes these? Who maintains these as new firmware/OS updates come out? Who keeps an eye on the latest form factors to define how the app needs to be updated or rewritten for new form factors or OS? etc. etc.

And finally I suppose which of course is of least importance, what does the application actually do other than splash the corporate logo on an app store somewhere.

In addition to running a business.

Another round of jealously visiting funky offices filled with emo developers and Playstation 3’s, whilst bound up in my formal corporate uniform.

Watch this space.